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Everything starts

with a fence

We’re making different types of fences.
One of them - "Shutter fences"

Interior finishing works

Žaliuzi tvora

We perform various interior and exterior finishing works

Sliding Metal Gates

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Metal doors for the

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Metal garage doors

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Shutter fences

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Our Products

We offer wide range of products made from metal which feature top notch quality!

Our Products

Our company has been specializing in the production of system
fencing for over 5 years. Professional team is the basis for the
success of our company.

No worry! We make necessary measurements locally and ship your product to you


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RAL paints

HQ painting

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Our company guarantees the best quality for the money


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We ensure our customers are provided with individual and technical support


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Vilnius, Lithuania

We’re accepting new projects and would love to hear
about yours. Got a question? Drop us a mail.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Shutter fences

We are following modern architecture trends, so we are producing the Shutter fence. It perfectly suits the needs of our customers. The popularity of Shutter fences is growing, thanks to its unusual and modern style, which perfectly suits contemporary architecture. Also it has great features:
  • ALUZINC sheet and paint coating provides long-term anti-corrosion warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't fall down in high winds
  • Easy to fix if it breaks
Shutter Fences Europe Production Lithuania

Metal Garage Doors

Side-hinged doors are the most cost-effective solution for your garage. Low price and reliable operation are guaranteed due to the simple and proven design solutions
Sliding Garage Doors Europe
Garage Doors Europe
Garage Door Production in Europe
Metal Garage Door Production EU

Basement Metal Doors

Add the convenience of direct basement access and get the full use of your home and security with our metal basement doors.

Strong Security

An excellent-quality door will definitely strengthen your basement door security, and keep your home or apartment from being kicked in by intruders

Quick Installation

Our professional team will install the door quickly and to a high quality

Easy to Customize

We offer RAL palette to you. So you are free to choose the appearance of your new door
Basement metal doors Lithuania Europe Production

Sliding Shutter Fences
also known as Self-supporting fences

ALUZINC sheet and paint coating provides long-term anti-corrosion warranty
    guarantee the highest quality
  • 100% privacy
  • Modern design
  • RAL palette of your choice
Sliding Gates Europe Production
Balcony handrails Europe Production

Metal Balcony Handrails

Strong, light and modern. Metal is the perfect solution for many people. These type of railings are available in a variety of colors and styles and you will definitely find a type that blends in perfectly with the design of your balcony and home.

Elegant solution

We offer RAL palette. So you are free to choose the appearance

A metal balustrade system

A metal balustrade system where guarding is required

Variety of models

We are offering custom solutions to satisfy your needs

Entry metal side doors
is a practical solution for the building industry

Advantages of a metal door
  • withstand heavy traffic
  • safe against burglars
  • safe against fire
  • economical
  • do not have any problems with termites and insects/free from rotting problems
  • have no tilting or twisting effect
  • long life
  • aren't afftected by the weather
  • could be matched to any color with a RAL palette
Side Doors Lithuania Europe

Metal balcony grills

We are offering a wide range of Metal Balcony Grills and Balcony Safety Grills. The entire range of our products is made up of high quality material and advanced technologies that make them highly popular and widely demanded all over the country and abroad. All these products are smooth in texture and are available in attractive designs.
  • Sturdiness
  • Perfect design
  • High durability
  • Easy installation
  • Withstand unfavorable weather conditions
  • RAL palette of your choice
Balcony Grill Europe Production

Metal stairway

A stairway is an integral part of any kind of building, may it be residential or commercial. This stairway is used numerous times in a day so, they need to be in the best condition. While choosing the stairway design is quite a fun process, choosing the right materials is extremely important. The material of your staircase should be comfortable, cost-effective, and aesthetically appealing too. One such material that provides such benefits is metal. Here’s a look at some advantages of metal for your stairway.


Metal is an extremely strong material and can hold up to extreme conditions such as natural calamities and excessive weight. Stairway from metal is stronger than concrete or timber stairways.


Staircases from metal are made to last long. Metal doesn’t corrode, rot, or expand over the years. Also, metal is free from pests and other damages, unlike concrete or wooden staircases. The high rigidity and sturdiness make it the top quality material that can take any kind of impact and last for decades.


Metal is also quite malleable. It can be molded and customized into any shape, style, or pattern. It can be used to create a traditional staircase as well as can be molded into a spiral or other staircase designs. Thanks to it’s highly versatile and customizable properties, you can get different types of custom staircases in your house, office, or any other building.


Metal is relatively cheaper than concrete, wood or other materials that can be used to manufacture staircases. When you consider its longevity, versatility, sturdiness and aesthetic appeal, metal is one of the most economical building materials. Not only this, the process of metal staircase fabrication is also inexpensive. All the components such as the stairs and the handrails are fabricated individually and arrive on-site on time and ready to assemble. The entire process saves a lot of labor expenses and resources.
Metal stairway Lithuania Europe Production